Crackhead Camping

The city isn't picking up the trees yet...and since we have, like, six of 'em, we camped out in the dining room.

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As ready as we can be!

Just hope the weather holds out.  We're supposed to get a whopping snowstorm.... fingers crossed...


Wedding Ornament

I made an ornament using the rings we wore before we
were married. Our first family ornament!
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Our awesome, talented friend Ben came over and took some wonderful portraits. Neither Ken nor I really enjoy having our picture taken. Ben made it a blast.



This week has been a mess of furniture moving, wallpaper removal, plaster repair, priming and painting.  Whew.

Also, the steaks arrived, so we got to screw around with dry ice.  Note: I advise that you do not try to breathe straight carbon dioxide.  It burns.


Making the dress...




About three months before the wedding, I decided that it would be easier to sew my own dress rather than find a non-wedding-but-still-nice dress that I liked.  It's coming along pretty well, if I may say so myself.  I am kinda at a standstill over the back, though.  I can't quite figure out how I want to finish it.  No butt-bows for me, please.

We built a mannequin with my exact measurements so that I don't have to keep putting on the dress to see the fit.  Making the form involved getting wrapped in a few rolls of duct tape   (wearing smallish clothes, of course) mounting it onto a PVC pipe of the right height and stuffing it with foam to the right proportions.  Did someone just call me crackheaded?  No, crackheaded was answering the door in my little duct tape suit.


Coolest cake ever

This thing has a functioning volcano thanks to some chipped dry ice and hot water. The whole damn thing is cake!
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Massachusetts Fun Fly

Served a double purpose:
Ken flew his helicopter and I got to go camping. Sweet.

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