Dragged, kicking and screaming

We went on one of those canned deep sea fishing boats this weekend. I haven't been on one of these since I worked at summer camp. Imagine a boat with 45 eight-year-old children: 20 with a nylon rat's nest where thair reel should be and/or physically tangled in their own line, 7 with frothing, bloody fish slapping at their feet, 2 pierced by their own hooks, 1 pierced by someone else's hook and 10 vomiting their lunchables. At the end of every trip, the captain would beg me to work for him. I'm still scarred. Really. Actual scars.

They had, like, a 10 year old mate.
He made me very nervous.


Honey Labels

I walked around the neighborhood taking pictures of neat little details of the houses to use on the honey labels. I got quite a few decent ones. I might make a bunch of different labels - "collect all 36!"


3rd Annual Block-wide Yard Sale

Our yard sale went pretty well this year. About the same number of participants as last year. Since it didn't get completely unmanageable, we're going to invite other blocks to join us next year.

Actually, we did have a new participant this year. A hobo-type gentleman set up shop - a few blankets and a shopping cart - and sold stuff in front of the parking area on our block. Whatever...I gave him an official 'Block-wide Yard Sale Balloon' to tie to his shopping cart.


Happy Birthday to me...

Ken put together an absolutely amazing party...

He enlisted the help of Kathy, Peter, Mariann, Shana and Ben and made a wonderful dinner of Kobe Beef, baked potatoes, grilled corn and salad. And German Chocolate Cake. Oh... and he hired a celtic harpist. Hello? Husband of the Year Selection Committee? I've got one for you...



We went out on the boat this weekend with Joe and Adam&Dana.

I can never stay awake on boats. Sometimes if I stay up front, I can. But not usually. And not his trip either. Because of an unfortunate coincidence, I awoke to find myself repeatedly catching muliple feet of air and slamming into various parts of the boat. The unfortunate coincidence part was Ken felt the need to drive like a maniac. This shot of my unbloodied foot will be submitted as the 'before' picture during his upcoming trial. The charge: negligent boating while crackheaded in the third degree.

This house had both a wedding chapel AND a knife throwing school. Complete with a red target wheel and a fiberglass cow. I don't even know what to say. I got nothing.


Congratulations, Claire!

We celebrated Ma Biscuit's College Graduation over the holiday weekend. Hooray! Complete with fireworks outside the restaurant.