Newty sez:

"Stinky Bells, Stinky Bells!"

Buzzy sez:

"We're singing Christmas Caramels!"


Buzzy sez:

While removing a costume: "Now I'm turning back into Buzzy!"



Newty wanted Buzzy to take his shoes off for him when we got home today instead of me.  Ouch.  Doing it himself, I get.  And the recent Daddy mode, sure.  But, ouch.  Hello from the bottom of the diaper pyramid.


200 pounds!

In lieu of birthday gifts, the boys collected pantry and personal items to donate to the Food Bank. They even helped load and unload the enormous boxes of items with a volunteer.  Buzzy said to the guy helping them, "When I'm hungry, I have food.  But, some people don't."  Just a sec... there's something in my eye...

Next year, when Buzzy turns five (eeek!!) and Newt turns three (double eeek!!), I'll be giving them a choice between 2 or 3 causes to support... Heifer International, perhaps?

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Buzzy sez:

Buzzy chose to wear a red necktie when we went out to pre-birthday dinner.  Someone asked him about it and he said he was "Jack Tonneghy."  WTF? 30 Rock?

Buzzy sez:

Me: "Here's your shirt."
Buzzy: "I don't want that one!"
Me: "You want a collared shirt, huh?"
Buzzy: "Yeah, I love them very much!"
Me: "Why do you like wearing collared shirts so much?"
Buzzy: "Because I like to look sharp."


Newtie sez:

"Sheer, Dudgie! Sheer!"
Translation: "Buzzy, give me what you have!  Immediately!"


Buzzy sez:

At the Elks Oktoberfest this weekend.  After biting into a fully loaded Bratwurst:
"I don't like the sauercrap."


Corn Harvest

A 40 minute road trip in the new minivan got us to a family farm that let us "help" harvest the corn that they then chopped up for the cows.   Fun!  until I tripped into a ditch.

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Newton cannot get enough of ears.  His own and anyone else's for that matter.  He'll twiddle them all.


Apple Picking with Ana and Tyler

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I'll take that!!

We watched Elmo in Grouchland this week. This is Mandy Patankin as Huxley:

This is Buzzy as Huxley:

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Buzzy sez:

"I was in your belly and then I came out and was stealing milk from your ripples."


Long awaited mommy moment

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Newtie sez:

Handing me a lollipop wrapper: "Hea... Garbee"   (Here...Garbage)


Newtie sez:

Pointing to a monkey: "A bumpkee!"


Newtie sez:

Jumping on me for a full body hug: "MY!!"  


Buzzy sez:

Upon arriving at the County Fair: " It smells like poop and something delicious!"


Buzzy's Dictionary

Whisker - (hwskr, ws-)  
v. To loudly pant words into your parent's ear with hot, damp breath when you're trying to be very quiet.
n. The spikes on Daddy's face.


Binder Park Zoo

This zoo is awesome because you can get face to face with and feed giraffes.  Awesome until they blow snot on you.

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Happy Trails and Sweet Dreams

We took Buzzy on his first solo horseback ride while we were in Michigan.  Was he ever excited!  Kept turning around to flash me a big grin and a thumbs up.  We had an extensive discussion about listening to mommy and the guide and behaving so he'll be safe.  Buzzy was doing awesome... pointing out wild carrot and cabbage moths...

Newtie got to ride shotgun.

20 minutes into the hour long ride, Buzzy seemed really relaxed, but then didn't listen when the guide told him to lean back in his saddle.  Well, it was because he had fallen asleep.  On the horse.  While it was moving.  I had to give Newt to the guide and carry Buzzy out.
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