We drove our teeny tiny car around a lot

Blowholes, Divi divi trees and Slave huts

We went kayaking through the mangroves

In the interest of keeping with tradition,
Annie got a screwed up sunburn

Poor tasty, tasty conch lookin' at me

Feeding a funny little donkeybaby

I didn't get to take any pictures of food during this trip. I spent most of the time violently double-ended sick. Here's what I found at the grocery store.

The resort had iguanas that stalked around outside of the restaurant waiting for handouts. People usually gave them bread and Froot Loops. They went bonkers when we brought veggies.

Bonaire is littered with 'em

Pack o' Goats

Uncooperative Hermit Crab

Potential Calendar Parrot

Probably my Justy

The island's saltworks

The diving was absolutely amazing. I did, however, almost drown to death after a particularly hilarious round of underwater charades. Check out my turtle friend.

It was so much nicer to go on a shore dive whenever you wanted rather than an elaborate, all-day dive trip.


At night, during the first few spring rains, there are a couple of roads that have hundreds of salamanders crossing them in hopes of sweet, sweet lovin' on the other side. Toads and little Spring Peepers, too. We walked up and down with ponchos and flashlights looking for them. You think that's weird? Well, there were other people there before us!

Unfortuantely, many of them meet an untimely end under a set of steel-belted radials. So I'd pick them up on one side of the road and drop them off on the other. Go get some, salamander!


Wildlife Rehab Exam

We took an exam today from the State Department of Environmental Conservation to be wildlife rehabilitators. Ken rocked it, I did well, and Peter is a tad concerned.