Good to know

Newton arrives, wrapped up like a present. A present I must repeatedly open and I be surprised.
Take 7:
Me: "Oh, a present! For me! I wonder what it is? ... Oh! It's a Newt! Just what I wanted! I wonder what I should do with it?"
N: (stage whisper) "It likes lollipops!"

Kids these days!

I just picked up Buzzy from school.
He's rammy.
B: "I'm SO hungry, Mom!"
N: "I'm so hungry, I can eat a whole deer!"
B: "Ugh! That's hyperbole, Newt!"


I'm tickled silly!

(sigh) but, eight is too many, so 2 of the ladies will have to go...

Guess who...

Guess who was very impressed by the Spartans at the Greek Festival.
Hint: Buzzilonius


Checking one off

Took the boys to see Yellow Submarine in the theater.


newty sez

"my hair is sticking up like a birthday cake."


nyc aquarium


molly's b'day party


playing house

B: "OK, Newt. Let's play mommy & daddy. I'm daddy and you're mommy."
N: "OK. (high voice) Do you want snacks?"

newty sez:

"Buzzy... catch! one-a-baby.... two-a-oney..."