Hike in Grafton

...and fascinated by poop, of course.


Buzz O'Lantern

...and another on top is loose...

...what's really funny is how he'll look with just the one big tooth in the middle

Buzzness as usual

Buzzy first lemonade stand!

Barfy Tag-a-long

Newty got to tag along on Geo's fieldtrip. Yesterday, he got so worked up over a shot, he threw the hell up all over the pediatrician's office. Buzz just hid under a chair. Geo pooped. Why did they not give me a shot?

Geo's First Fieldtrip

Riverview Orchards rock!


Dr. Newtonstein sez:

I love you so much. When you die I'm going to make a pretend you that does the same things. I'll put your bones inside her and all your stuff inside her and then I can love her and give her flowers just like I do now.