OMG! Now they're taking BOTH!?

Photo bomb

Double Trouble and then, Bam! Triple Threat Photo Bomb!!


Ever wonder...

...hey, how big is a two-year-old's nostril?
This big:


Weel Ah feel better naw dat ees cleer.

Best line of the day at Circus School: "OK, so, Ah am Dominic and bezeekly Ah troh peeple up and den catch dem back again."


Newty sez:

Cabbagies- (noun) holes in your mouth so you need to go to the dentist.


6 21 Funplex

Thrilled (whimper) that my baby is getting so big. He's going on big kid rides...drove a go-kart today... not the kiddie one... Went on this bungee-assisted trampoline and jumped about 10 feet in the air. Between this kinda stuff and all of the rollerskating every week, he's grown quite a non-babyish boy butt. It's weird. How wrong would it be to stunt his growth somehow while he sleeps?

7 1 ZzzzzZZZzzzzz...

713 My precious lil ladybug!

I carved out two little nooks inside the front hedges. Buzz loves the 'forts' and Newt loves hiding and searching for bugs. Geo? Just happy to tag along.

Happy Birthday Tooooo Meeeee!

722 Hoffman's

7 23 Missing Tooth. Finally!

We researched different extraction techniques on youtube. Scoped out rockets and nerfguns. Debated about who should have the 'honors.' Then, we had a godd ol' rough and tumble wrestle and it got caught on the bedspread. Buzz ran into the bathroom, spat blood into the sink, fished the tooth out, and then vomited into the sink.

Decisions, decisions...

Camping this weekend. We sat and watched this guy emerge instead of getting down to the beach. Sigh, awesome problem to have!

8 3 Geo's Ice Cream Social

Now, who needs some hay?

Cupcakes all day