Newtie sez:

Pointing to a monkey: "A bumpkee!"


Newtie sez:

Jumping on me for a full body hug: "MY!!"  


Buzzy sez:

Upon arriving at the County Fair: " It smells like poop and something delicious!"


Buzzy's Dictionary

Whisker - (hwskr, ws-)  
v. To loudly pant words into your parent's ear with hot, damp breath when you're trying to be very quiet.
n. The spikes on Daddy's face.


Binder Park Zoo

This zoo is awesome because you can get face to face with and feed giraffes.  Awesome until they blow snot on you.

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Happy Trails and Sweet Dreams

We took Buzzy on his first solo horseback ride while we were in Michigan.  Was he ever excited!  Kept turning around to flash me a big grin and a thumbs up.  We had an extensive discussion about listening to mommy and the guide and behaving so he'll be safe.  Buzzy was doing awesome... pointing out wild carrot and cabbage moths...

Newtie got to ride shotgun.

20 minutes into the hour long ride, Buzzy seemed really relaxed, but then didn't listen when the guide told him to lean back in his saddle.  Well, it was because he had fallen asleep.  On the horse.  While it was moving.  I had to give Newt to the guide and carry Buzzy out.
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The Herd

Buzzy and Newty have been running around Sweetwater with a literal pack of cousins.  I'm still quite a bit nervous that one of them will wander into the neighboring forest... but for now, they just show up with the group, demanding PB&J, Koolaid, barrel drinks and spaghetti before disappearing off into a cloud of dust...

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Super Papa

Newty wanted nothing more than to walk around holding on to Super Papa...

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Kissing Cousins

Newtie couldn't get enough...
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