Two Turtledoves

Second anniversary ornament. Wanna see last year's?
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Christmaversary Ballooning

I brought Ken to a B&B and ballooning in Connecticut for our Christmaversary.

It was a major task to wake him up at 4 AM without giving him a reason. He only figured it out for sure when we got to the sign that said, 'Ballooners Park Here.' I'm sure he had his suspicions.


Ben's Gift

Ben is obsessed with:
1. His car, and
2. Rainex

So we made him a kickass Rainex kit.
Ken MADE a foam cutter. I will now be cutting
ALL KINDS of foam!

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Giving Thanks

We went into the City with bagged Thanksgiving Dinners again this year. It's a helluva experience.
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You can take a girl outta the city...

Last weekend was full of autumn-y, upstate-y (for Nicole North of Yonkers-y) activities: apple-picking, hot cider and donuts, making apple pie, hayride, honey harvest and the haunted cornmaze. Whew.

Nicole managed to send text messages (probably for help) while on a hayride. We even had time to make lipbalm, soap and candles. Nicole got so damn wrapped up in the whole autumn theme that she made beeswax candles that looked like corn - complete with husks. Dork.


Kaya's Costume

Kaya dressed up like a Cockatoo for Halloween.


Poodle Quilt Cake

The Wacky, Tacky theme this year of a joint birthday party was Poodles & Quilts.
Check out what I did for them last year.
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Justy Subaru

1988 – 2004

You have served me well my noxious, malfunctioning friend.

Your unexplained and intermittent alert bells will be greatly missed.

Rest in Peace


What is WRONG with these Hippies?

Bruce and his son, Eli have set out to hike all of the High Peaks of the Adirondacks.

bob We tagged along for Street and Nye. The views were incredible…well worth the godforsaken hiking…but only if you asked me after, not during.

Later, we stumbled back into town and ate at one of those places where if you eat your whole steak, they put your picture on the wall and your meal is free. Too bad Amerikanscience wasn’t there and it wasn’t over a burger. We coulda been famous.

At least our shoes don’t match like a pair of dorks anymore. Sucker.