Congratulations John and Melani!

Jaxen Larson Sorensen
May 29, 2007
2:42 AM
8 pounds 2 ounces
19.5 inches
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Happy Memorial Day

We didn't make it to the 9 freaking AM parade (wtf?) so we went to a later parade out in the boondocks. Normally, the booger gets pretty transfixed with trees. Today, it was all about the flags. Besides candy, they were chucking little flags, which he promptly stuffed into his mouth.
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Storytime 2

We brought Grandma Biscuit and then went to the Build-A-Bear workshop.
Grandma made an adorable bear named Stitch.
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Mother's Day and Tulipfest

After a wonderful breakfast in bed, we went to the park for Tulipfest and a nap under a tree. What a great day...

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Congrats, Annie!

Annie's just about the coolest Physics nerd there is.
Here's a joke in honor of the occasion:
Q: What is the definition of a tachyon?
A: It's a gluon that's not completely dry.
(I don't get it)
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We had a wonderful dinner high above Boulder with this view.
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Frequent Flyer

Wherez my skymall, dammit?
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Things get a little raucous when the boys get together. Lots of hand-
holding lately. We piled them all onto the couch for a photo-op and it
rapidly devolved into a contest we now call 'Last Baby Not Crying.'
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Don't wave at me, asshat.

A friend insisted that we go to storytime at a nearby book store because the featured book was about a dog named Biscuit. They read a story, do a related craft and bring out a costumed character from the book. Uh-oh.

Let me just tell you: I hate mo&$*!?&ers in costumes. I hate the tedious little four part pantomime (nod, shake hands, point, hands to mouth like laughing). Mess with me and I'll punch you, creepy f$?&ers. However, I warmed up to Biscuit. Some poor employee had to get into this particularly sight-obstructing costume, get led through a series of cramped aisles and gingerly guided into a wobbly folding chair by two handlers.

I even asked to take a picture with the little biscuit... took a cute picture... and then I heard a loud whisper from within the giant, hollow head, "AM I HOLDING A BABY?"


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"Business" Trips

Grandpa Biscuit has been coming up for a series of what we believe are
imaginary meetings for the last 3 weeks. I heard from the bellmen that
he's been hanging around the hotel lobby a fair bit. What a ruse!
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