Buzz sez:

(Bath time)  "If we ever have to write an expository paragraph about our favorite bath toy, I'm gonna write about this duck." 
I'm pretty sure that wasn't on the curriculum back in my days in 2nd grade.

Gong Hay Fat Choy!!

Inside the take out boxes were hard boiled eggs, banana nut muffins in red wrappers and clementines. In the white cups is the closest thing to congee in my pantry- cream of wheat, of course... 

The crepe giftie-bombs filled with good fortune:

Aaaaaannnndd, after:

Here's to Happy New Year filled with happiness and good fortune!!


Geo sez:

He sees a naked mannequin in a store window.
"Haaaaaaah! Mommy? Here! Milk an' buns out!"