The Liberty Belle

A B17 came into town and we took the boys to see it.  They were excited to see the same kind of plane that Super Papa flew in.  Can't wait to show him the video!

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Double M Rodeo

Holy Cow!  We have rodeos up here!

Here they are doing something to a cow:
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Ponies at the Rodeo

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Tough Guy

It's really difficult to look tough in tae kwon do class when your Buzz Lightyear underpants are showing through your white uniform pants.  At least it wasn't the Elmo underpants...


Captain Vegetable

Six months ago, you would've had to fight to get Buzzy to eat a squash.  Today, we picked one out of the garden, cut it up, cooked it together and he ate the entire thing.  He declared it to be 'my best vegetable ever.'