Fat Cracker

Mariann thinks that 'cause her parents gave their twenty children T-bones to gnaw on, biscuit should have a cracker. Well, he wore most of it after he softened it up with copious amounts of drool and then he unceremoniously threw the eff up.
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Passport Photo

We should be getting his passport in another
MONTH AND A HALF!! Stupid ter'rists.
Check out his super-awesome picture:

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How is it...

I can't figure out how an ol'badger like me wound up with such a good natured, happy, happy baby. The next baby is going to have to be a real psychopath to compensate for this one...


Happy Earth Day

We didn't really get the chance to make many of the everyday decisions or plans before the baby was born 'cause we obviously ran quite out of time. So finally, for Earth Day, we're giving him a greener tush. Check out g diapers. It's been a pretty easy transition and a good compromise for a pair of hippie-poopophobes.
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