So, one hive was not enough. We got four more this year and Bruce and his son, Eli, got their first two hives. We drove up to pick them up today.

lot o' bees Initially, we were going to place them in the Community Gardens - local urban gardeners tending organic rented plots. They said it would be great, insurance wouldn't go up, I'd have classes for their gardeners and give them honey to sell, the bees would pollinate their gardens, they'd be able to have six hives. After we ordered 78,006 bees and built $600 of hives, they called and said that their "board" would only allow two. Since when does a pack of hippies have a "board?"

bob Instead, they're going to Roxbury Farm. It's a Community Supported Agriculture farm. People pay in the beginning of the season for a share of whatever is to be harvested each week for +/-26 weeks. The bees are on a hilltop in the middle of a pond. Couldn't be nicer. They're surrounded by hundreds of acres of organic crops. It is a little further away than I would have liked, but what can you do?



Made a few more sets of cards:

If I can't find a stamp that I like, I usually make one from a sliced potato. Unfortunately, they're only good for about an hour. This is my first attempt carving actual stamp rubber. Slightly more expensive than the tuber, but I have to do it only once.

That is a little asian-stylized letter 'B' for the 99.999% of the population that can't tell.......Oh, NOW it's obvious...

The local flower shop gets their roses in packages of two dozen, wrapped up in thinly corrugated cardboard. I am a ravenous, craft material packrat. You do the math.



Ken and Tim needed to remove all distractions to finish work a few weekends ago. Apparently, I'm a distraction worthy of $300, unlimited mileage and gas.

So I drove...


...and drove...


...until I got to Cleveland..
Why Cleveland? Who the heck knows?

Went to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (meh) and the Cleveland Hall of Science. They had this bit of insanity going on. I'm sure Fark got a hold of this at some point. Scars and tattoos were discernible. Bits of hair. And there was junk...plenty of junk...more stripped down junk than I cared to see.

So what's the big deal? I got one of those flavored hot milk drinks at Starbucks and I don't see why they're supposed to be so much better in Ohio.

Fruits and Vegetables

Why can't I live near a market like this? Why must I wind up being jealous of a place like Cleveland?

There was an entire wing for produce and in the main building were fishmongers, butchers, confectioners, bakers, spices, fresh pasta, dairy - dairymongers? - and one guy roasting coffee. In fricking Cleveland. I need another Starbucks. Maybe I should bring one back for Ken.