Congratulations, Eric & Julie!

We scrambled to get at least one floor cleared of moving paraphernalia (I don't think Ken will forgive me any time soon...) so that we could have a Surprise Mini Shower for Julie.

Kinda like our old girls' nights, just with a baby theme. We had baby movies all queued up: Daddy Daycare, Look Who's Talking, 3 Men and a Baby...

I made pink favors - melon candle, papaya lotion & bodywash, pouf, cellophane, pink ribbon, baby footprint, pink marker & Voila! Favors!

And check out the napkins! Ma ha hah aha ha! I made'em into diapers!

During dinner, we had various games. This one was 'Make Yourself a Mummy.' 1 roll of toilet paper 2 minutes = prize for the most coverage.