Here comes the bride...

Buzzy: "You so pretty, mommy."
Me: "Oh thank you, sweetie!"
Buzzy: "I'm gonna give you a ring an' we're gonna get married. And you'll have flowers on a stick. And you'll have curtains on your head!"


Happy Pancake Day

In honor of Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday, IHOP was giving away stacks of pancakes for free today. And collecting donations in lieu of payment for charity. Nice.
The boys and I stuffed ourselves silly with buttery, strawberry-syrupy goodness...


Silence is NOT golden...

B enters room after extended silence in living room.
B:"Stop!! Stop saying that!"
Me, slightly alarmed about possible auditory hallucinations: "Stop saying what?"
B:"Um... Stop saying that to me. That I have to stop doing things."
Time to panic about what he was doing that he knows was naughty...


Happy Almost Valentine's Day

Mr. Biscuit took the boys to the mall to have a Valentine picture taken, to visit the beloved Automatic Popcorn Machine and maybe to a movie... who knew cleaning and decaf could be so blissful? A bunch of other moms came over w/o kids and we made huge boxes of Valentine's chocolates and sweets for our sweets.
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Well, I hope my butt fits in the carseat...

"...I'm gonna go on the potty... then I'm gonna be a grown up... and I'll drive you in the car... and you'll be the little child..."


Things I $%?&ing love today:

Walking and holding two little hands.
Playing chase.
Noises that little kids make while eating.
Baby snores.