Huge baby garage sale this weekend...

I got a stack of cool books... dinosaurs, animals, poems, fairytales and Superfudge(!)... Oh, and a little microscope!!



I love giving the camera to kids & seeing the results.

This girl luuurrrvved Buzzy.

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Swimming II

We went with Bruce to the Y to take the booger swimming.

He spent a half-hour moaning and wailing mournfully after being taken out.
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Beekeepers Association Meeting

'nuff sed.
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THIRteen Pounds

In a brain-fart moment, I had entered nineteen pounds for some reason.



We took the lucky little turd owling for the first time today. Last year, same time, same weather, same place: not a single owl. This year: NINETEEN! Nineteen Short-eared owls!

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Toothfairy Boxes

Yoga boys came over yesterday and after lunch, the
moms made little boxes for teeth or allowances or
bugs or whatever. Here are three of them:

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Speak friend, and enter...

Apparently, my Gandalf-brow comment sparked a bit of confusion. So here' s a picture that should help - here you can see that a mere five or six of my brows have become unruly; any more than that would have been truly disasterous. My name is Biscuit, and I have old man brows. Soon I'll break down and go to a rickety barber named Lewis or Irv or something. He'll select a comb, shaking off the blue liquid, and with a sympathetic smile to mask the shock that those suckers are on the face of a woman, he'll deftly and unceremoniously snip them off. After he sharpens his now dull scissors, stories of my epic eye sprouts will be passed on during many a Bocci ball game and on park benches the world over.
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Can you smell the patchouli?

We're officially big ol' hippies now that we've worked member hours at the Co-op yesterday.


Eff off!!

In response to the last post, some have pointed
out that my kid looks like Wooly Willy and to
those few, I say, "$%&# you and good day."
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