Behold my squirrel-proof pumpkins!

I'm sick of those little A-holes digging through my pumpkins looking for seeds. Eat styrofoam, bitches!


Moving the Hives

We moved the hives from the farm to a strip right in front of where Ken and Bruce work. Right... In... Front... Rather, they moved'em, I got a migraine and fell asleep on the hill.

We're gonna have to build a fence of some sort. Rather, they're gonna have to build a fence, I'm ready for another nap.


Happy Birthday, Ed!

Boy, did I think that this night was going to end with a trip to the hospital. Last time we were with these guys and heard the words, "Let's see who can stay standing the longest," we had to cut short our sledding trip, the fire department had to get Ed down the hill and months of physical therapy ensued. So when we found this playground during a walk after dinner, naturally I assumed...




The Writers Institute had Spike Lee at the University...



We finally went on the much despised AquaDucks Tour.

There was bingo. Prizes were won by all.

(I hate that thing so much...)


They wash it...they wash it!!

We made some really cheesy (corny?) FiMO dough Candy Corn bracelets in homage to Lewis Black.

We also brought one of the cocoons with us to ensure I got pictures of the damn thing emerging.


Hurray for Butterflies!

Looks like most of the butterflies will be emerging today. The first one was already out this morning... wings inflated, ready to go. So we attached some milk weed to the stairs outside and waited...

Click on any of the pictures to Biggie-Size it.

Emerging Butterflies

A few of the chrysalids have started changing a bit. Initially, they stayed green, but you could kinda see that there was a 'hull.' Later, you could see what seemed like a butterfly- pattern...

or since there is a leopard print, this was a butterfly print. You can probably make out what seems to be a wing in this picture. We didn't catch it, but one emerged well before the others and just hung out for a few hours inflating.


These are incredible!!

I want a little necklace-charm thingy that looks like this!