Mommy sez:

Daddy (after fussing with Buzzy's clothes for 5 full minutes):  "His collar is all rumpled... I just think that I should just pull his tee shirt collar  back a little, maybe..."
Mommy: " I think maybe you should zip your fly and we should go."
Daddy: "%&#!"

Buzzy sez:

"Happy birthday to you!
You live in a house!
You look like a daddy!
Happy birthday to you!"


Best Buds...

What? No! Of course we're not fighting...

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Sleepee newtee

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On Top of Spaghetti...

Last month, Ken was singing various songs in a slow, lullaby style to the boys.  One song in particular made Buzzy burst into sobs and tears because he felt "so, so sad for the poor meatball!"

Today, I heard him in the back seat of the car, rewriting the ending:
"..and then my little meatball
rolled back onto my plate!"

Oddly enough, one verse involved him knocking the meatball off of his plate and onto the floor by not sneezing into his arm and being sent to the corner.


Newty sez:

"fo little bumkees dumping onna bed
one fell an bumpta head
mama said NO!
no more bumpkees dumping onna bed"

A realization.

Just realized after 3 days of absolutely manic behavior - including trying to hand level our pebbly driveway with a rake - that apparently, I'm nesting really bad. If it continues at this pace, I might just have to burn our house down so that I can start all over.


Big Plans...

Buzzy is already planning his "5 Birthday" because it's coming up (in October).
" I want to be a king in a big chair and everyone will be princes and princesses.  And when I call their name, they can come up and wear my crown."
Needless to say, we won't be holding this affair in Northern Africa...


Happy Spring!

Last year, I dug a hole, three feet deep, and sunk a 3x3 into cement that I mixed by hand.  Epic chore!! Well, the payoff? The hammock is finally up in the backyard and today I swung in the sun as the boys played in their 'playground'...  Oh, Happy Day!


Check up...

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Buzzy sez:

b: "What are chicken nuggets called when they have cheese in them?"
me: "I have no idea!"
b: "They're shaped like a line."
me: "Mozzarella sticks?"
b: "Yes, I like them."


Buzzy sez:

"The pharmacist filled the needle up with germs and then made a hole in your arm and put the germs in there. Your body makes emptybodies and then you're strong and don't get sick."

Baby Number 3 is a... Boy!

Oh, Boy!  Kinda glad to keep things consistent, though.


And so it begins...

I caught Buzzy in the back seat burping words.

That is all.