Newty sez:

I made potato pancakes for breakfast today from the leftover mashed potatoes.  Newty called them "Mash Browns." Effing perfect.



I'll take 'Things Fished Out Of My Bathroom Sink' for 1000 please, Alex.

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Buzzy sez:

"Let's play Animal Traits. I'll go first! What kind of animal... is greeeeeyyy... lives in treeees... and goes in our attic!?"


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Peer Pressure

Micah's Mom: "OK, boys! I'm going to go get you guys some popcorn!" (leaves)
Micah (he's 2.5): "You can't have popcorn, Newty!"
Newt: "Yes I can 'cause I'm BIG!!"
Micah: "I'm big, too!"
Newt: "You're not big,  Micah! You're little! See? You wear a diaper." (Newt pulls Micah's waistband and points at his diaper)
(Micah's mom returns)
Micah: " Mom, I wanna go pee-pee in the potty!"
Micah's Mom: "What just happened?"

Newty's new daily activity

Newty asks to hold Geo every day and wants their picture taken.

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