Newty's Favorite Food:
Pea Soup

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Poo Poo Platter!!? YUCK! Ha ha ha ha!!

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Syracuse - Rosamond Gifford Zoo

This zoo was awesome! Even though the season limited the variety of animals that were out, there were plenty to fill up our day. And they were so close!

...and, thanks to our Bronx Zoo membership, it cost $5 for us to get in... sweet!!
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Syracuse - Museum of Science & Technology

Great way to spend the day!! They have a 3-story play area with air cannons, slides and tunnels, a K'nex station, a hands-on fossil dig... although lots of things were geared toward older kids, there were plenty of things for the little guys. Newtie slept through the IMAX, Buzzy was enthralled. Free admission thanks to our local MOST membership!

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Syracuse - Carousel Mall

We spent some time at the Carousel Mall, for a quick, no-frills dinner and mostly for um, well, the carousel.

...and where was Newtie? Snoozin'...
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Syracuse - Beaver Lake Nature Center

We went on a little snow hike through the sugarbush at Beaver Lake Nature Center. They had 5-6 stations set up along the trail that represented different stages and aspects of making maple syrup. Beeeeuuuutiiiiful day!! The 'lake effect' snow here is entirely different... light, fluffy, picturesque stuff. Two feet of this stuff and I'd be out with a broom. Not at all like the slushy muck we get a home that stalls out my snowblower...

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