Three French Hens

I made cinnamon dough for this year's Anniversary
Ornament. Go see the past ornaments.

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I Love Public Transportation!

This guy was checking out his tonsils for the entire trip.
That is, except for when he was using the mirror to
look out the window BEHIND him!
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Cut-Yer-Own Christmas Trees

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Honey Extraction

We've been busy toiling away at extracting honey for the holidays. Late...late...I know.

I'ma just do a quick post of the pictures from this summer's extraction:

Uncapping the frames of honey...

Ta-dah! Our super awesome Extractor 4000!

Pouring and straining the honey...

We got these cool heat-shrink seals for the jars...I had to lobby fiercely. But it was like doing Shrinkydink after Shrinkydink after Shrinkydink, so it was well worth it...

Some of the end results...