LI Children's Museum

Cowboy Dave and the Albany Symphony Orchestra

5k Turkey Trot

You can bet your bippy they won the Teddy Roosevelt Costume Contest for 100 smackers. Buzz was just under 1 hour. Newt and Geo we're one minute over.

Welcome home

Just FYI...

How big is a 6-year-old's ear canal?
At least this big:


Buzz's Revolutionary & Celebratory Repast

Featuring Hasty Pudding (which, by the way, is in no way hasty in terms of preparation time: bake for 2.5 hours!! Goodbye sleep) Soft-Boiled Eggs, Homemade Bread, Butter, Marmalade, Boston Beans and Bacon. Oh, and of course, Breakfast Tea.
I forgot to turn on the fife & drum music. Aww, shucks.