The woman who was going to do the ultrasound today opened the door to the waiting room, chart in hand, and called out, "Mrs. Duffy?"
And I got up.


Round III

Flight was delayed on the way down, so we missed the preliminary appointment.  We were able to get the blood work and all that done any way and skip some of the other rigamarole.
Otherwise, procedure went well.  They were not able to do the secondary abdominal transfusion, which probably means we'll have to repeat this in two weeks instead of three and that in turn means two more procedures instead of one. Poop.
We've started our own little transfusion day routine here: Hospital, BBQ, Sleep for six hours, Go out for a movie (which I haven't really done in about 5 years).
Even still, can't wait to go home.



Oh happy day!

Ballston Spa Family Fun Day...

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Newty sez:

Daddy: "Can you put this juice in the fridge?"
Newty: "I get a qwater?"




The ultimate hail-mary play just paid off today... after much pestering, our insurance company agreed to cut a check to the doctor in NYC that doesn't take our plan!!
Oddly enough, our local practice's utter ineptitude played a good part in getting this done. Seems the insurance company wasn't able to get anybody to confirm that they'd be able to do the procedure.  I'm betting, just based on my experience with them, that they actually weren't able to get to talk to anyone at all.
Never been so un-frustrated by them before!

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31 weeks

As the anxiety goes down, the anticipation goes up!

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Tough Guy

Guess who earned his orange belt tonight?  He had an extremely hard time at first because testing was held at a different school.  But he got it together and did what he had to in spite of the new environment and distractions.  Proud Mama.

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The second recommendation that we got apparently does not even do these procedures. He passed us on to another doctor in his practice, who in turn passed us on to a fellow {someone who has completed residency training (e.g. in internal medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, etc.) and is currently in a 1 to 3 year subspecialty training program (e.g. cardiology, pediatric nephrology, transplant surgery, etc.)} in the practice. I'm not even interested in moving on this... pretty soon we'll be seeing the janitor.


Buzzy sez:

Hands his shoe to Ken.
"Evidentally, I stepped in some poop."

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Round II

On our way to Houston again.

Nervous about going on a plane...  Buzzy's labor was five hours start to finish, Newt was three.  The flight takes three and a half hours. This could get nuts.  I have a prescription to stop contractions if I do go into labor on the plane. Also, I ordered supplies for an emergency birth kit to tote around on the plane and from now on...


Buzzy sez:

Buzzy tackles a seated, shirtless Ken from behind.
Buzzy: "You're growing your belly like a girl!"
Daddy: "What!?"
Buzzy: "You got married and now you're growing a baby!"

                           ...so that's how it's done...


Buzzy sez:

Buzzy: (holding an imaginary fishing pole) "I got one!"
Daddy: "What kind of fish did you catch?"
Buzzy: "Um... A Rackanoli Peefee Fish."

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