Ugly-ass baby bird in window

This spring, a pigeon built a nest on the ledge outside one of our windows. Enthralled with the **Miracle of Life**, we let them. We put up a two-way mirror so that we could watch and not disturb them. Heh heh heh...awlright, minds out of the gutter, perverts!

There were two eggs, one hatched. The teeny tiny squablette was initially adorable. The feeding process was pretty cool. You might hear that you'll never seen a baby pigeon. Here's why: in a matter of a week, the fuzzy little baby turned into a throbbing, three- pound, no- feathered, bald, pre-pigeon, poop- machine. Thing. Ugh.

Overall, it was cool to see. However, we will be discouraging the future residence and procreation of any other birds.


Made yet another set of cards

Blueberry Bonanza

A little path called Blueberry Run at Lake Minnewaska turned out to be an 8 mile trek. We were the last ones out of the park and the super-trooper park patrol was waiting for us. The quarts of wild blueberries were worth it, though. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about blueberries.

We made Grandma's whole wheat b'berry muffins, smoothies & b'berry- cottage cheese pancakes. Maybe I'll be nice and include the recipes later. Mmmm.. I fell smrater alreadee


New Roadwork

If only the mayor would work on the actual running of the city rather than his fake tan. He looks like a yam, fer cryin' out loud:


Cards for Melani's Birthday

I made a set of cards for Melani's birthday.

I've usually been marking the backs with a bee or some other sort of 'b.' Recently, I've started adding things more in line with the eventual sender of the cards instead. That is, IF anyone would send the damn things. Stop hoarding, people! Maybe I should give a card to everyone else and have them write to the recipient. Wait, that's not such a bad idea...

The rivets are another new development. Though, I'm not sure if I like them. I find that they tend to bung up the paper a bit wherever the back of the rivet touches the card.

Um...another set...


Honey Harvest

We started jarring cutcomb honey again. Peter and Ben came over to help remove the honey super from the backyard hive. They brought a couple of frames home with them.

The wax in the pot will be cleaned and used for things like lip balm and candles.



bob So freaking cool. We got a small Spring harvest from the backyard hive. Mostly linden, I think. It's almost entirely clear honey. Check out the supers for the new hives.

Another set...


Uncommon Ground Bee

bob Took a break from studying and found this honeybee outside of Uncommon Grounds. I wonder how much of a pain it would be to get 12 decent shots of bees for a calendar.


Happy Birthday, Buz!

He likes to holler at speeding boats in his free time.

Like a voice amplifier is needed.