Tea drinking fool

Starting next week, I'll be selling honey at a neat little market downtown. There's a little tiny tea shop there. Little mr. biscuit and I had some iced green tea and he had his picture taken while chomping away on the straw: Click here and scroll down.


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Jammin' wif my Daddy

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Well, a freshly picked strawberry, actually.
But it definately looked like a homicide afterwards.
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Spent the night at the Emergency Room... ugh...

Reasons for babies to be anemic:
1. Preemie
2. Eight months old
3. Post-surgery
4. Refuses rice cereal
5. Not on formula



Pre-Daddy's Day BBQ

Jack, Abbott, Vaughn, Buzzy, Patrick and Jackson

Paul & Jack, Ken & Buzzy, Michael & Patrick,

Telly & Vaughn, Matt & Jackson, Harv & Abbott

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...mini break...

Kori, Abbott, Buzzy and I went down to the City and
the Island for a little change o' venue.

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Guess who...

Somebody can use a sippycup. Ice, please.

The sound of one gum smacking:

Kori and I went for Diner Breakfast today. The boys were both quite fussy and obsessed with the paper placemats. Until we handed them teething biscuits... cricket... cricket.... cricket... cricket...


Kori's Cardio Class

Buzzy and Abbott are getting ready...

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I don't get it...

The little guy won't touch baby-type foods - bananas, peaches, rice cereal - but the following selections, when sent through a food grinder, were GOBBLED up ravenously:
1. Chicken Caccitore
2. Curried Chickpeas with Cashews and Potatoes
3. Bombers Chicken Burrito
4. Grilled Carrots and Beets
5. BBQ Chicken and Garlic Roasted Potatoes



Look Alikes

Wendy and I happened upon this exhibit at the
NYS Museum yesterday. Quite clever. To really
appreciate it, click on each picture to see it larger.

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When we were considering different names, I often used NameVoyager. It's a neat site that shows you a name's peaks of popularity over the last 130 years.

Yesterday, I found Nymbler. You give it some example names and it gives you names that you may also like by taking into consideration comparisons that range from 'ethnicity to historical popularity to soap opera appearances.' I typed in some of the names that we had considered and the darn thing spit put almost all of the rest of them!! Freaky...


During our trip to Colorado, we had a wonderful photo-op:

From left to right: Kenneth Bernays, Bernays, Bernays and Bernays.
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