The Cranky Clauses

The future Mrs. Isabella Biscuit is not amused by uncooperative antics. How unprofessional!
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Four Calling Birds

This year's Anniversary Ornament is made up of four
individual doves. The other two are on a nearby branch,
unburdened by my crappy embroidery.

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...did not go too well.

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Crafty Julie

How cool...Julie's been busy making sets of cards!

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9 fat pounds



Congratulations, Hannah & Chris!!

Of course, we played my ol' favorite shower game: Diaper a Baby, Blindfolded and Bemittened.

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I have no &%?#!!*$ idea what to do for September other than 'Back to School.' Ideas? Anyone?


The squirrel-proof pumpkins rule! Posted by Picasa


I still need to photoshop in a flag.
Again, Wendy was the baby wrangler. Posted by Picasa

12 Days of Christmas

Every year during each of the twelve days leading up to Christmas, Ken gets one of his presents. They always have some connection to either the number of days, or the lyrics of the christmas song - even in some twisted-illogical-biscuit-type way. Day twelve is always a twelve month calendar.

Special thanks to Wendy, who heroically brought Sugar Bon-Bon up for the April photoshoot and crouched behind the blankets, holding up a very uncooperative Buzzy. Posted by Picasa


Just like the book

We were given a book called Urban Babies Wear Black.
What's worse is that his shirt says, 'I am Boob Man.'
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Squeal like a piggy...

Eight pounds and grown too big for one newborn outfit.