In Hopi Indian (Native American) Kaya would mean "your elder sister,who is little".
In Ghana- it means "stay and don't go back".
In Zulu- it means "home".
In Japanese- it means "adds a place of resting".
Another African translation is "diamond in the sky".
In Tibet it means "the enlightened one".
Other Native Americans tribes say it means "wise one".
Kaia is another way of spelling it which also means "Earth".
It was the name of a 6th century Korean kingdom. The name survives in the name of twelve-stringed instrument (kayagum) developed there.
In Japanese, it means summer night or the name of a type of Yew tree.
"Kaya" is also an old Bob Marley song.
"Kaya" means enlightenment in the Rastafari dialect.
In the Hopi language, it means "elder little sister".
In Sanskrit, Kaya is one of the words that refers to a body, or a form.
In Buddhism, it specifically refers to the three bodies in which beings manifest (trikaya). The Dharmakaya is the enlightened manifestation. The Sambogakaya is a step down from that, like an energy body, not quite enlightened, but not as bound as humans. The Nirmanakaya is the manifest physical form.
Here's a link for what it looks like in Chinese:http://www.chinese-tools.com/names/calligraphy/code_2977_kaya.html
In Hawaiian it means "sea".
In Turkish- "a powerful monarch"