Buzz's Revolutionary & Celebratory Repast

Featuring Hasty Pudding (which, by the way, is in no way hasty in terms of preparation time: bake for 2.5 hours!! Goodbye sleep) Soft-Boiled Eggs, Homemade Bread, Butter, Marmalade, Boston Beans and Bacon. Oh, and of course, Breakfast Tea.
I forgot to turn on the fife & drum music. Aww, shucks.


Apple Picking

Corn Maize

Geo's Field Trip

Fort William Henry

A perfectly Lake George attraction. Fun anyway.

The History Buff's Birthday

Fort Ticonderoga was amazing! The boys had a blast. I had been told the average visit took about 3 hours. Well, we were there for 6 and didn't even get to do the corn maze. What a blast! People were asking (or occasionally sneaking) to take pictures of the boys.

Puréed Brains and Witch Fingers

...or potato leek soup and homemade pretzels with almonds. Barf tally:2

Sounds reasonable

Geo farted. 
Buzz asked,"Was that you?"
Geo replied,"No. That was my butt."