Geo's barking up the wrong tree!     
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Bubble bath + bubble machine = awesome

...and only four more hours until bedtime.  Thank you "Hurricane" Irene.
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Rock wall

1. I can't believe how tall this freaking thing was.
2. I can't believe my first little baby was OK with it. Yes, it's Buzzy, so duh.
3. I can't believe he made it by himself (kinda) all the way to the top.
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Pony boy

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Bah Dah Barclay

My grandmother always said that she had a fifth kid named Bah Dah. When calling one of her kids, she often called out at least one, if not all, of the other names, and then yelled, "Bah Dah," in exasperation.

Bah Dah has apparently moved into our house.




Chickens started laying! All I can say is, I feel really sorry for one of them.

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Georg squared

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The 6 Misters Barclay

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Big boys

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Geo Joe

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He's Official!

Just got Georg's birth certificate in the mail today!  It arrived at the same time as his very first - of many - misspelled letters to "the parents of George..."



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What the heck?!

We weren't even going to attempt to potty train Newt until after the dust from the G-bomb settled.
Well, two nights ago, he decided to poop in the potty. So, because we told him he'd be able to, he got a pull up to sleep in. He woke up dry, checking another one off the list. So, he expected to wear underpants. Oh, boy...
Now, we're two days into involuntary potty training. Between all the potty trips and feeding the infant, a single trip to Michael's took 2.5 hours! For 6 items!
We.re on Newty Standard Time. When is this kid going to freaking cooperate?

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Going home!

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Newty sez:

Upon seeing Geo for the first time.
"I have big, big hands.  I have a big head!!"


Welcome Geo!

Georg Joseph
8/2/11 @ 3:55 pm
6 lbs 6 oz & 18.5"

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Dr. Clark

 Hah hah ha ha!! He made it!
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