Newty sez:

"This little piggy went to Walmart..."

So true... so true...


Newty sez:

I made potato pancakes for breakfast today from the leftover mashed potatoes.  Newty called them "Mash Browns." Effing perfect.



I'll take 'Things Fished Out Of My Bathroom Sink' for 1000 please, Alex.

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Buzzy sez:

"Let's play Animal Traits. I'll go first! What kind of animal... is greeeeeyyy... lives in treeees... and goes in our attic!?"


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Peer Pressure

Micah's Mom: "OK, boys! I'm going to go get you guys some popcorn!" (leaves)
Micah (he's 2.5): "You can't have popcorn, Newty!"
Newt: "Yes I can 'cause I'm BIG!!"
Micah: "I'm big, too!"
Newt: "You're not big,  Micah! You're little! See? You wear a diaper." (Newt pulls Micah's waistband and points at his diaper)
(Micah's mom returns)
Micah: " Mom, I wanna go pee-pee in the potty!"
Micah's Mom: "What just happened?"

Newty's new daily activity

Newty asks to hold Geo every day and wants their picture taken.

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Buzzy sez:

8:45 PM       Fire burning in the fireplace.
Dad: (rapidly): "Mommy, M-A-R-S-H-M-A..."
Buzzy: " I know! Marshmallow!!"
Mom: "Good job, Ken."
Buzzy: "I was right!"
Mom: (kicks air)


Newty sez:

Jumpoline- (n.) the gymnstic device upon which one can bounce, tumble and flip.

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Mommy's day: made.
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Holy [censored].

I hear N&B rustling in a candy bag.
me: "Guys! I said not 'til after dinner!"
Buzz: "You suck."
me: (inhales sharply) "Woah! Go right to the corner, Buzz!"
Buzz drops the book entitled, 'You Suck,' from his hands and runs to the corner.

[censored], the kid can really [censored] read.


Who's Who, Round II

Good effing luck.
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Newty sez:

On Halls Cough Drops:
"These make my nose clean."


Newty sez:

Cranky and tired, done with his day:
"I'm hungry for Daddy."



Birthday food to Unity House

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Actual Birthday Cupcakes

Well, the day after Buzz's birthday...
These are what they had in his classroom and in Tae Kwon Do later the same day.

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Corn Maze

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And knowing is half the battle...

In a bathtub, a broken up toilet paper tube looks just like poop.
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Ye Olde Birthday Party

The coolest bounce house ever from Kangaroo Kids and the pavilion that we staked out from 9 AM.  Please note the 'stone brick' garbage cans...

Queen Mommy and a serving wench

The valiant Sir Newton and the gallant Prince Bernays

The highlight of the day, Uncle Joe the Giant

'Golden Treasure' Cupcakes
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candy jewels for tomorrow's royal birthday party

They took me three hours... the cupcakes and goody bags are going to be awesome!
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No pictures today

Fortunately. And for the sake of Newt's future employability.
While I was in the kitchen helping Buzz with his homework (!), Newt arrived, hollering for all he was worth, naked and holding a sheet of glittery star reward stickers... with one stuck firmly and purposely on a very sensitive area.


Newty logic

The night before today = Last night
The day before today = Last day

"Buzzy went on the coolbus last day."

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Too cool for this carousel

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Marking my calendar

After reading a book called, "Why Should I Listen?"
Me: "Are there times that you have a hard time listening like the boy in the book?"
B: "Hmmm, Yes."
Me: "When?"
B: "On Saturday, Friday, Sunday, Sixday, at parties and Valentine's Day."



Geo's barking up the wrong tree!     
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Bubble bath + bubble machine = awesome

...and only four more hours until bedtime.  Thank you "Hurricane" Irene.
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Rock wall

1. I can't believe how tall this freaking thing was.
2. I can't believe my first little baby was OK with it. Yes, it's Buzzy, so duh.
3. I can't believe he made it by himself (kinda) all the way to the top.
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Pony boy

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