We've watched as the baby's eyebrows have seemingly shot out like weeds during the last 2 or 3 days. It looks like he'll have Ken's thick caterpillar brows and fortunately not my freakish Gandalf eye-whiskers. Whew.

This morning, I cut up some felt so that we can see what he's gonna look like. Well, things got a bit out of hand...


Buzz E. Bee

Dewd, he's bigger'n me!

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Parrots of the World

As kids, Ken and I used to go to the same pet store to obsess over the fruit bat that they had there. Today, after meeting mommy's mommy (apparently what I used to call my grandmother as a baby) and mommy's mommy's mommy (the same grandmother's new title) for lunch, we took the little biscuit to the same store. It's WAY cooler now. There were a few owls, a raven, a kookaburra, a whole mess of other birds and animals and the same damn twenty-year-old fruit bat. I didn't know it was this guy's store. Ken's back was turned and heard him talking from across the room and knew who it was.

In his big ol' noggin, Ken has a tremendous catalog of people's voices. When watching a cartoon, he can identify the voice of an unknown actor who had a ten second, walk-on role in an obscure 1970s sitcom that was cancelled after two episodes. Even creepier, he can also do this in reverse. Every time I run to check teh internets, and every time he's right. I can barely identify my own freaking family when they're on the phone!
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Lucky Daddy

Big Mr. Biscuit's silly dancing last night was rewarded with a huge burst of laughter from little mr. biscuit. He had been working on laughing for a few weeks and I've been doing silly thing after silly thing. Lucky, stoopid daddy.

Yoga boys

I took a prenatal Yoga class to prevent monster leg cramps. The six other women

that I met all had boys. This is Abbott, Vaughn and Jack.

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Less fat, more filling

The little mister has never been a soft like a baby...more like a solid brick s%#@house. Despite not gaining and weight, he has apparently shot up an inch. He doesn't have the rolls he used to have - more chins than a Chinese laundry sez Great Grandma Biscuit - I can feel his ribs and he doesn't have the immense backfat roll that used to buttress his head.

Lucky little creep

I was under the impression that all photo ID pictures were supposed to be crappy. So much so that I purposefully make contorted faces now. The little booger had a perfect passport photo taken today - smiling and everything - doesn't get that from my side of the family. Evidence to follow once I dig the car out and get to a scanner.



He hasn't gained an ounce in two whole weeks. Well, he's also gotten his first cold... from Mama, the Disease Vector.


The King's Singers

Last night, after Paige's birthday party, Ken found out that these guys were in the U.S. - here of all places - and would be performing in about an hour. We made it! The little biscuit had a bit of a rough start, he didn't like it when the lights - the beloved lights - got turned down. He eventually calmed down (outside the theater) enough to enjoy the concert. We even met the singers afterward to get autographs and offer apologies for the little outburst. They were so cool!