...aaaannnd someone refused

Tender moment with the seedlings

Buzzy has been playing music for the seedlings. Yesterday, viola; today, accordion.

Washington DC


Happy Memorial Day

Opening day of soccer!

Rule #615 from the Raising Boys Manual:

 When it seems that your car is leaking fluid, before sticking you finger in it and sniffing it to identify it, be sure that your sons are not on the other side of the car whizzing on the tire.

You've been warned

Protip: If a 5 year old offers you one of the duck eggs that he found, politely refuse or dispose of it. It was abandoned over 2 years ago and everyone at your Memorial Day BBQ will go home when it heats up in the sun and explodes on your deck. Also, pressure washers do not remove the stench of rotted duck yolk. I owe Ramma and Papa's neighbors an apology for my kid ruining their shindig.


May the 4th be with you!

Newty sez:

On why his ear had a giant empty pore.
"I picked out a seed with a booger attached to it with my fingernail."
Yeah, I barfed in my mouth a little.