Blueberry picking

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Cherry plain

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Screw that!

We had four little caterpillars... either monarchs or black swallowtails.  Couldn't find organic parsley, so I super washed some conventionally grown stuff instead.  They were writhing, dying and pooping themselves in minutes.  I'm never touching non-organic again. What the hell are they allowed to do to our food?!



Bowling with Gracie

Getting beaten by a 13 year old, I understand.  But, Buzzy beat me by 4 pins today. WTH? At least I beat Newt.

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Delivery day just got moved up a week. Now it's August 2.  Like my anxiety needs this.


Last Transfusion

So things got a little hairy.  In short, I was a little more uncomfortable during this procedure, apparently got all pass-out-y, blood pressure plummeted, so Geo's heart rate dropped and things went a little south. I remember the table tipping hard to the left in an effort to snap him out of it, a bright light going on, I heard, "I think we're looking at a section" and a flurry of activity.  If you've ever had some drinks and experienced a sobering moment, just know that it can happen with anesthesia, too.  Oh, I woke the heck up.  Fortunately, Geo rallied and his heart rate came back up, but the rest of the procedure was called off.
I'm so, so freaking glad that we were here for this and not in NYC.  The main difference that we had been worried about was the level of preparation and prevention.  We felt that in NYC, they wouldn't be doing enough to prevent something like this and in the event that it happened, they wouldn't have had the luxury of the few minutes of decision time because they weren't as prepared. I have no doubt whatsoever that this would have been finished right now if we had transfered to NYC.
I've laughed to myself every time we went to what has become our traditional BBQ place here... their motto is, "You might give some serious thought to thanking your lucky stars you're in Texas."  You'd better believe I sure as heck do.


Saratoga Racetrack

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Birthday project

Eff you, fire-pit-stealers!  Go ahead and try to steal my new ghetto-fire-ring! Wait... please don't.
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Packing up for the last time!

Just finished packing for the Texas for the last time.  We're flying out on Tuesday night because the final fetal transfusion is scheduled for this Thursday.

Buzzy sez:

Buzzy emerges from play room wearing a horned viking helmet, underpants, an orange Home Depot apron fashioned into a cape and clutching a toy mallet.
"Hey look!  I'm Fork!!"

Awesome on so many levels.


There's an app for that.

Just installed a countdown app on my phone and set it up for Geo's arrival.  Damn near gave myself an anxiety attack: 26 days!

Appointments, appointments, appointments...

Saw my regular OB for the first time in what seems like forever... a little freaked that we made the final appointment and scheduled the induction!!!  August 9!


Just as I suspected.

We just got a bill in the mail from the NYC Doctor.  $2500 because the lady in the billing department is as  inept as I suspected immediately upon meeting her. Oh, bother.


Finally, some good news...

I'm still walking around grinning like an idiot!  We pestered the poor patient liaison in Texas for the last two days to schedule the next transfusion so that we could get our flights and place to stay settled.  She talked to the Doctor and the Nurse Coordinator (the Doc's wife, who I'm pretty sure is the one in charge, heh heh heh) while they were on vacation (!) and the procedure is going to be pushed back a week!! Which means... drumroll... only one more procedure!!
Because Geo has had so many transfusions of my Duffy negative bloodtype, there's not really much hemolysis (the breakdown of his blood because of the reaction between us)  any more so we can hold off for a bit and only do one more before birth.  Sweet.


Newty sez:

Mommy: (to Newton) "Buzzy, put your toy away, please..."
Newty looks at me, knowing I just screwed the heck up big time.
Mommy: "Hey!! Are you Buzzy?"
Newty: "Nooooooo..."
Mommmy: "You're not Bernays?"
Newty: "Nooooooo... I'm not B'nays, I'm B'newty!"

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Buzzy is assessed and orientated for school!

Quelle allure...

 But, man did he look proud enough to burst when a little girl ran to her mother and said, "Mom!! Look! A real cowboy!!"
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So today's appointment in NYC didn't go too well. Totally different ballgame than Texas.  I'm sure that the doctor is highly capable.   Not at all comfortable with the protocol that he recommends, though.   They just don't do as many of these procedures or as much to ensure a positive outcome as we're used to.  He seems to lean toward earlier delivery as a matter of course and as a matter of consequence.   And after having watched and been through countless ultrasounds and MCAs, we weren't to confident in the person doing the ultrasound. Also, my interaction with their billing department leaves me pretty sure that we'll be getting a whopper of a bill even after all of our insurance company wrangling as of late. Icing on the cake.

So back to Texas we go.  The grandparents have come up with a fitting new nickname for Geo.  "Cash".  Couldn't be more appropriate.