Cupcake Cake

Made a CupcakeCake for a 21st birthday party. I made the topper, too...wire, beads and little swarovski crystals. Thankfully, the initial was an elegant "A" and not something annoying and difficult, like an "I". If you're reading this and your name starts with an "I", consider that your initial sucks, I mean, I'm not talking about your initial.



In the field today, Ken found some Monarch Catterpillars. He got eight, but then we had to share some. Stupid sharing...


Cards for Sarah

I think they turned out quite well. But I'm not completely happy with the extraordinarily long time it took for the stamp ink to dry on the vellum - hours!

Sarah sez her's were the best.


Craft room floor

Ken installed the fake wood flooring in what will be my craft room...Hurray!


Banged-up Bird

Here's Kaya with her newly amputated wing. After the attack, she was so drained that I could see her eye THROUGH her eyelid. Her face is well healed up...she had smashed it pretty good on the bars of the cage, trying to attack the raccoon. She's only got a single tail feather left. What a poor bird...I can't stop crying...