Buzzy sez:

8:45 PM       Fire burning in the fireplace.
Dad: (rapidly): "Mommy, M-A-R-S-H-M-A..."
Buzzy: " I know! Marshmallow!!"
Mom: "Good job, Ken."
Buzzy: "I was right!"
Mom: (kicks air)


Newty sez:

Jumpoline- (n.) the gymnstic device upon which one can bounce, tumble and flip.

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Mommy's day: made.
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Holy [censored].

I hear N&B rustling in a candy bag.
me: "Guys! I said not 'til after dinner!"
Buzz: "You suck."
me: (inhales sharply) "Woah! Go right to the corner, Buzz!"
Buzz drops the book entitled, 'You Suck,' from his hands and runs to the corner.

[censored], the kid can really [censored] read.


Who's Who, Round II

Good effing luck.
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Newty sez:

On Halls Cough Drops:
"These make my nose clean."


Newty sez:

Cranky and tired, done with his day:
"I'm hungry for Daddy."



Birthday food to Unity House

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Actual Birthday Cupcakes

Well, the day after Buzz's birthday...
These are what they had in his classroom and in Tae Kwon Do later the same day.

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Corn Maze

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And knowing is half the battle...

In a bathtub, a broken up toilet paper tube looks just like poop.
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Ye Olde Birthday Party

The coolest bounce house ever from Kangaroo Kids and the pavilion that we staked out from 9 AM.  Please note the 'stone brick' garbage cans...

Queen Mommy and a serving wench

The valiant Sir Newton and the gallant Prince Bernays

The highlight of the day, Uncle Joe the Giant

'Golden Treasure' Cupcakes
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candy jewels for tomorrow's royal birthday party

They took me three hours... the cupcakes and goody bags are going to be awesome!
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