My Sugarplums

Newt sez:

His New Year Revolution is to build a Dumbozer (bulldozer, if he hadn't been so sleepy).

Interesting point

2:30 AM
Geo: "Mama? Mik? Pleee!"
Me: "No, Geo... That's all done... No more milk."
Geo: "Eehhh... WRY?! Mik! Pleeee!"
Me: "Well, for a start, it's two in the morning and we're having an argument about it. That means you're too big."


Christmas win

I've had to pry the official cowboy gear off of Newt after 5 days running. But, how dern cute?

Geo sez:

I accidentally squished Geo's foot when I leaned past him into the car. 
"Ow! Wat da hetch?"



Idea blatantly stolen from a friend's gift last year. I present the Melted Snowman Ornament.


I finally broke and modified our guy. How are we supposed to put them in all these situations without any structure? Kris now has a retrofitted metal endoskeleton.

Elf Antics

The boys & I cut out these pieces but "ran out of time" yesterday evening... Someone finished the job!


Can. Not. Wait.

Christmas WIN!

The box is always the winner anyway, amiright? So, why not just get 'em a box? Also, Free!



The kitchen smells shamefully boozy. And so early. However, I have 20 Christmas gifts almost done that I started back in April!

Day 3

In Uncle Georg's utensil jar...


Day 2

Welcome back, Chris!

Our Elf, Chris, welcomed us back by undoing some of our Thanksgiving decorations!


Newty Proof

"We're telling the truth. The truthful truth. I didn't see me do it and I didn't see Buzz do it."


Super &$@":/? Cool.

Proof that I was once cool:
Please note the space stickers all the heck over the damn thing.

Minion Mania

Guess who won the costume contest?


Happy Day to Meee!

Guess which doctor's office is getting these suckers:
These are to bid the staff farewell for an entire year. For the first time in the better part of a decade, I have no appointments on the books.


Farewell to October

Transylvanian Toast (homemade raspberry syrup) to send off October with the grossest, bloodiest breakfast possible !