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Car Seat Test

Babies have to take a Car Seat Test before they can go home. His first test! He had to sit in the seat for an hour and not stop breathing. Of course he passed with flying colors. Clearly, my baby is a genius.

P.S. No feeding tube!
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I have some kick-ass neighbors...

The day that I went into the hospital, I had arranged for a neighborhood 'Soupfest' - kind of an outdoor- autumny- bring a pot of soup- meet your neighbors- type thing. I didn't make it, but apparently it went quite well. Well, coming home from the hospital one day, I found a ton of people at the house for Soupfest II / Babyfest I... friends, family, neighbors and people I'd never met before. Ken and Ma and Pa Biscuit were in on the whole thing. How cool!

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Check it out: No more IV!
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Under the lights...

Some of the nurses were a little freaked out by the modification I made to the mask he had to wear to protect his eyes.
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New Daddy

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Baby Stuff Bonanza

I came home to an incredible explosion of baby stuff and flowers and balloons and cards.
It was so wonderful, I only wish I could bring the baby home with me, too.
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