Christmas Tree 2007

Last year was a baby blue tree for Buzzy's first Christmas...well, really to celebrate our first Christmas with a little boy. This year we wanted to dazzle a toddler and went with a bright, multicolor toy theme. And fifty freaking feet of paper chain garland!

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Merry Christmas
and a Happy, Healthy
New Year!

With Love From,
The Biscuits
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Happy Due Day To Me!!

We had a Due Day Party for Buzzy this weekend... really, just a downstate/family birthday party, but eight weeks later. It was nice not to have to do both right on top of each other, though! Another added bonus: everyone's all over the place for Thanksgiving but available to get together in one place later, over the weekend. There were cousins and babies and family a-plenty.
What a blast! Grandma and Grandpa Biscuit had everyone over for Brunch. I made the food in miniature: mini quiche, mini bagels, mini Great -Grandma's whole wheat blueberry muffins, mini yogurt parfaits, and Auntie Annie even made miniature cheese blintzes the night before her 4 AM! flight. All this to top off an outstanding Thanksgiving dinner. Stuffed!
The one thing that I had wanted to do, but like a dope, forgot, was make some kind of box or sack or something that was 17.5 inches long and 3 lbs 15 ozs, so that people could see exactly how much he's grown. Oh well, maybe next year...
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Alright already...

I'll post Birthday and Due-Day pictures soon...