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Yay!  Thanks to Mr. Biscuit, I can post pictures now!

Lucky you.  I'ma go backpost pictures.



Our trip to the Great Polite North

Montreal's   Insectarium had their annual Insect Tasting. We (I) chowed on pizza with mealworms, nachos with South American queen ants, cricket maki, and other such gastronomic challenges. We (he) sweat profusely, laughed and discreetly dumped the three inch long, sauteed mole cricket into the trash.

An unexpected feature of the trip consisted of us staring slack-jawed at the Canadian TV commercial (Canadaganda) which involved a belligerent 'Amr kin' and the the words "Real men don't need to carry guns in Canada." Um...yeah. Is Molson worth it?


Crazy ass bird

Every so often, Kaya goes absolutely nanners in the shower.
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Kaya's Car Seat

Yeah, we're crazy, so what of it?
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Wacky Tacky Joint Birthday

These two women have a joint birthday party every year with the tackiest theme they can come up with. This year was Mermaids. Also, one stipulation for the cake is that one of the toppers wears glasses. WTF?


Kid's-eye view

I like giving cameras to little kids. I think its neat to see what captures their attention and the unusual angles and perspectives that they capture. These are taken by my cousin, Austin.
Last year, the cat was featured prominently as well as the underside of the piano bench.

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We took our neighbor, Preston on a caving trip for his birthday. Ninth, I think.
A bunch of serious spelunkers caught up with us right as we were wading through the underground river and Preston greeted them with a nine year old shriek, "OW! My penis is shrinking!!"

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