12 Days of Christmaversary

Every year I give Mr. Biscuit 12 gifts in the days leading up to Christmas. They're usually somewhat (sometimes very loosely (#9)) based on the song... and yes, I do know that the 12 days of Christmas are AFTER Christmas, but , whatever...
12. Twelve Month Calendar
11. Month of Bagpipe Lessons (What was I thinking!?)
10. Fireplace Gloves
9. Box of Fire Starters and Metal Ash Bin
8. Milk & Cookies
7. Swimming @ Indoor H2O Park
6. Breakfast in Bed
5. Key Ring
4. Turkey Call
3. Three Éclairs
2. Chocolate Turtles
1. Christmas Ornament (We've been married 7 years, so it's a swan ornament)



We have 11 foot ceilings. This is a 10 foot ladder. What is it with Dads and their character building exercises?

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Buzzy sez:

Skulking around with a necktie like a tail, approximating the Pink Panther theme song:
"I'm a sneak-around guy!"


Even scarier...

Buzzy just saw Candy Corn for the first time...

...He thinks they are "Pumpkin Teeth!"


Mobile Newt One

Yep... he's officially on his feet!


Buzzy's Dictionary

Eatmeal:   A hot cereal



Buzzy: Ice pop! Ice pop!!
Ramma: You have to ask Mommy first...
Buzzy: Mommy!  I have a ice pop pwease!
Mommy: OK, you can have an ice pop.  Would you like to ask Ramma if she'd like an ice pop, too?
Buzzy: Ramma, (points) ask Mommy!! 
Buzzy: (Breaks into a song) Ask Mommy!! Ask Mommy!! Ask Mommy!!


Trouble on the horizon

Newt is thisclose to walking!


LBFD with Grandma Bear

We had a freakin' BLAST with Grandma Bear at the LBFD!!
We got the VIP Treatment!
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