Newty sez:

Me: "who moved the diaper wipes?"
N: "Not me again."


Newty sez

"Hey Buzzy, you wanna get punished with me?"
And then:
"I know some baaaaaaad choices!"


Newty sez

Public restroom. Daddy is 'preparing' the toilet.
N: "It's pooping!! It's pooping!!"
D: "Oh God, OK!"
Newty sits and examines his finger.
N: "What is this?"
D: "ughh...I have only one guess what that could be."
N: (thinks for a moment) "Maybe it's, poop."
D: "Why do you think that?"
N: "Because it came outta my butt."

Newty ck

Newton is sitting at the breakfast table unleashing every three-year-old swear word he knows. Hoooo-boy...