The last day in our old apartment...rather than stress Kaya by moving her at night, we decided to move her the next day. A raccoon broke into the house and damn near killed her. Here are the pictures I took after I got her to the vet...


Cheap Labor

Cody and Preston helped move again today in exchange for a trip to the Indoor Rock Gym. Heh heh heh...they were almost too tired to go. Almost. Ken showed'em the backyard hive when we got back.


Fear Factor, Biscuit-Style

Preston and Cody helped me move this weekend. Besides an intricate payscale based on hours and number of trips, I kept them motivated by playing a game of Fear Factor, Biscuit Style at the end of the day. What you see here is 1/2 cup of

unflavored gelatin (which happens to naturally reek like pig), 1/2 of a lime, 5 live, jumbo mealworms, and what they think is a dried, Galapagos Tortoise testicle, (normal people call them dried dates). If they managed to eat these things, they won. Like, five bucks.

They both thought to drown the mealworms with lime juice, but only succeeded in ticking them off and made them wriggle around more. Cody was the only one to attempt the 'testicle.' He was surprised at how sweet it was, thought I was kidding him, and then lost it after he got to the pit because he convinced himself that he had just hit "a gland or something." Mwa ha ha ha...


Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Who else would spend her birthday volunteering at a Veteran's Hospital Barbecue?


Bowling last week...

After choosing poorly in the "Wear your seatbelt or get doused" ultimatum, Preston rounded out the evening by running around the neighborhood wet and with his shorts hitched to his chin.



So I did, like, 15 new posts, some a bit old but they're all listed as the most recent.  Can you tell I should be packing or something.  Can you say 'avoidance?'

It's even worse: I just bought a domain name for my honey...centersquarehoney.com... check it out.  I'm still working on it...I mean, packing.

Another High Peak...

I forget which one, though...I'll get back to you...


Busted water main

Well this might explain the bubbling-up asphalt of a few weeks ago.This is the tail end of the flood. Apparently, the water was shooting 6-8 feet in the air, tossing 18 inch chunks of asphalt. Some guy climbed into his rock damaged car through the sunroof.

It's an election year, so of course, all of the roads are being fixed. High quality stuff. Albany sux at the road repair.


Shana's Graduation Card

I am a dork. Shana said so.


What else can happen?

Today has been the craziest day and it's not even 8 AM. There is a bat flying around the bathroom. Additionally, I need to figure out how to go about bailing someone out of jail.


Claire & Buz fly kites

Despite Ikea-caliber directions, a need for countless specialty tools, and a bit of modification, Mom and Pop Biscuit built and flew an awesome kite this past weekend. Check it out: it's a bee. As can be expected, Annie's dog thought it was the devil. Maybe next time, I'll bring my treefrog kite. That'll really freak him out.