12 Days of Christmaversary

Every year I give Mr. Biscuit 12 gifts in the days leading up to Christmas. They're usually somewhat (sometimes very loosely (#9)) based on the song... and yes, I do know that the 12 days of Christmas are AFTER Christmas, but , whatever...
12. Twelve Month Calendar
11. Month of Bagpipe Lessons (What was I thinking!?)
10. Fireplace Gloves
9. Box of Fire Starters and Metal Ash Bin
8. Milk & Cookies
7. Swimming @ Indoor H2O Park
6. Breakfast in Bed
5. Key Ring
4. Turkey Call
3. Three Éclairs
2. Chocolate Turtles
1. Christmas Ornament (We've been married 7 years, so it's a swan ornament)



We have 11 foot ceilings. This is a 10 foot ladder. What is it with Dads and their character building exercises?

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