Ugly-ass baby bird in window

This spring, a pigeon built a nest on the ledge outside one of our windows. Enthralled with the **Miracle of Life**, we let them. We put up a two-way mirror so that we could watch and not disturb them. Heh heh heh...awlright, minds out of the gutter, perverts!

There were two eggs, one hatched. The teeny tiny squablette was initially adorable. The feeding process was pretty cool. You might hear that you'll never seen a baby pigeon. Here's why: in a matter of a week, the fuzzy little baby turned into a throbbing, three- pound, no- feathered, bald, pre-pigeon, poop- machine. Thing. Ugh.

Overall, it was cool to see. However, we will be discouraging the future residence and procreation of any other birds.

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