Scary Bat! Scaaaaary Baaat !! Raaaahhhhrr!!!

Buzzy was supposed to be a Little Brown Bat and Ken was going to be a Big Brown Bat. Needless to say, I've got too much on my plate right now, so I only got the one costume done. Barely.

Ken & Claire brought Buzzy to the hospital to pick me up and Buzzy went storming down the hallways, flapping his arms and bellowing, "RAAHHH! Scaaary Bat!! RaaHH!" Well, all of the administrative staff rummaged through their desks and tapped into their KitKat stashes. One doctor emptied all of the change from his pocket into Buzzy's Loot Pumpkin. And a light went on... "Scaaary Baaatt!!"

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