The bees arrive...

Some of our more insane/trusting friends arrive to witness the debacle er, installation.

The allergic/chicken ones stayed on the fire escape.

The package is about the size of a shoebox, weighs about 3 pounds
and contains approximatly 13,000 bees.

We have a sound file of this. I have no clue how to deal with that here.
Have the low-tech, pre-interweb version 0.1 instead:

me: "This sounds just like you'd expect it to."

Opening the package

This is the Queen and her attendants in the queen cage.

The bees would kill her as a foreign bee if you just dump her in with them.

By the time they wear away the little plug of candy, they're used to her.

Point o'no return

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the dumping in of the bees. Everyone ws too distracted to operate a camera. Thankfully, no one got stung.

Eli and Bee-itrice

Bruce and Bee-ula

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