Congratulations Ed & Sarah


Beautiful day, beautiful ceremony, no batteries in camera.

Team 1 Sarah Team 2

Some Bonus Shots of Ed losing it:
Going Gone

And speaking of losing it, I (sap that I am) actually sobbed when I realized that Melani was wearing the necklace and earrings that I had made for her (from the crystals that had been sewn into her veil, which I was remaking into Sarah's veil). Got that?

Tah Daaah! Nine pounds of butter on a four foot tall tower of sugary, raspberry-y, almondy deliciousnessss. Plus, two hours of stressed out, manic, ten-mile-an-hour transportation for a normally 25 minute trip! AAAAhhhhhhh!

I can't seem to get the whole "need for batteries" thing through my head. Do they make hampster-wheel powered cameras?

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