The trigger is pulled...

Well, time for plan B, as I suspected.  Got the call this morning from Dr.TABLE that he spoke with Dr.TIBSI and they have decided that the measurements warrant an intra uterine transfusion for Geo immediately.  He has no other signs of anemia - Hydrops, scalp edema, ascites, increased amniotic fluid, etc. - or distress... has decent movement... but it's go time. 
Told him I wanted all my records sent down to Dr. Awesome ( not even gonna try for an anagram anymore) at Baylor.  He was kinda pissed.

Gotta finish up work
Get all my medical records collected and sent
Go get the first of two steroid shots to kick-start Geo's lungs
Two hours to pack ourselves and the boys up for the week
Drive 4 hours downstate in the pouring rain to drop them at Ramma and Papa's
Get our butts to the airport in time to get to Houston by tomorrow morning
Hoo-leee Chit.

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