So today's appointment in NYC didn't go too well. Totally different ballgame than Texas.  I'm sure that the doctor is highly capable.   Not at all comfortable with the protocol that he recommends, though.   They just don't do as many of these procedures or as much to ensure a positive outcome as we're used to.  He seems to lean toward earlier delivery as a matter of course and as a matter of consequence.   And after having watched and been through countless ultrasounds and MCAs, we weren't to confident in the person doing the ultrasound. Also, my interaction with their billing department leaves me pretty sure that we'll be getting a whopper of a bill even after all of our insurance company wrangling as of late. Icing on the cake.

So back to Texas we go.  The grandparents have come up with a fitting new nickname for Geo.  "Cash".  Couldn't be more appropriate.

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